Congressman Bruce Westerman Makes Stop in Crossett


It was a very busy day for the 4’th District Representative, one stop on his tour of south Arkansas was Ashley County Medical Center.

Getting a first hand look at how they operate, and checking out ACMC’s newly renovated Radiology Department.

“I just have to commend this facility, they got excellent equipment, excellent staff, a real treasure right here in Ashley County,” says Rep. Bruce Westerman,(R) 4’th District.

Westerman, who serves on the budget committee, set aside time today to take part in a conference call with the colleagues in Washington. And says working on the U.S.. budget is a very detailed process.

“Until we have a budget we can’t do appropriation bills and when we talk about regular order. that’s about passing appropriation bills. That’s how you avoid the omnibuses, that’s how you avoid the continuing resolutions,” explains Westerman.

Westerman says we also have to cut back on government spending.

“Our tax revenues are at record levels, but we’re even out spending what our tax revenues produce and the result of that is we got a $19 Trillion debt,” mentioned Westerman.

Healthcare is one factor driving our nations debt with mandatory spending such as Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

“We have a lot of things that are over priced, the government has put so much money into healthcare that theres been ways to absorb that money. And as a result we get services that are over priced, and at the end of the day the patients and the tax payers are the ones that are suffering from these programs,” explains Westerman.

Westerman also mentioned a dire warning from the Congressional Budget Office, unless debt is not brought under control by 2025, the U.S.. will be paying more on debt interest than all other government programs.

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