Congressman and Sheriff Take to the Skies to Survey Flood Damage

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From the sky, the flooding across Caldwell Parish takes on a whole different view.

“You can really see the devastation. You know driving, you can see what’s here, but once you get up in the air and look at it, you get a whole different perspective about what’s going on in the parish,” says Sheriff Steven May, Caldwell Parish.

“A lot of water still present. Farmers fields still underwater, houses are still underwater, cattle are stranded on levees. So right now it’s still in a dyer state,” explains U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham, (R) District 5.

Due to the Boeuf River, Lafourche Canal, and Ouachita River; the eastern portion of Caldwell Parish is still battling flood waters.

Officials tell us they are talking with the Army Corps of Engineers almost daily.

“Their calling it, what we call a flat crest , where the water comes into this area:Caldwell Parish, Catahoula Parish, and those whole areas. And it just stays there, it’s just not able to drain because it has no where to go,” says Abraham.

The Hebert curfew is still in place; no one is allowed to be out in a motor vehicle or watercraft from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

“We’re also enforcing the law and it’s, 14329.6, that if somebody is out there driving down the roads and they do not belong there, we can enforce that and write them a ticket,” explains May.

May says he is grateful for the aerial views Congressman Abraham provided.

“To come out this morning and to view the devastation of the paris, it shows the concern he has of the people wanting to help,” explains May.

Officials want to urge viewers if you don’t live in the flooded areas, to simply stay out.

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