Congressional Democrats introduce ‘Voting Rights Advancement Act’ to combat voter suppression

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(2/26/19) Congressional Democrats are introducing a voting rights bill to reverse what they claim is a tide of suppression in parts of America.

The “Voting Rights Advancement Act” would reverse what they claim has been a weakening of fair voting practices especially since a Supreme Court decision six years ago removed some oversight provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

The new bill would return some states to get federal approval for any election changes they want to make.

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer said, “There is nothing more despicable in America than trying to deny that right to vote. That’s what too many have done in too many places – not 50 years ago, and not 10 years ago but right now as we speak. It’s disgraceful.”

The purge of Georgia voter rolls last year, and absentee ballot fraud in that North Carolina congressional race are cited as two reasons to support the act.
The Democratic House majority wants to pass it quickly but it’s unclear how the bill will fare in the Republican Senate.

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