Concern over upkeep of a Bastrop cemetery; What the Mayor says about the beautification

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BASTROP, La (KTVE/KARD) — A Bastrop man is concerned over the upkeep of a cemetery after he says the grass is so tall, he can barely read the names on his families tombstones.

“Right behind me, I have a niece right here and she has a small tombstone…you can’t even make out her name. You can’t see it,” said Jarvis Taylor, Concerned Resident.

Jarvis Taylor has more than 10 loved ones buried in the H.V. Adams Cemetery in Bastrop and says he’s concerned about the cemetery grounds when he walks through grass that’s almost up to his knees.

“Whoever’s the responsibility it is, if they would just clean the grass up, just kinda edge it up and do the best they can. I understand there’s a lot going on right now, but I mean the grass is at least three weeks old,” said Taylor.

Taylor says he’s upset that he’s seen the city working on other grass areas first.

“I mean I don’t think we should be mowing the grass up by the welcome to Bastrop sign. If this is not a priority, that shouldn’t be a priority,” said Taylor.

Though the cemetery hasn’t been fixed up in the past few weeks due to high amounts of rainfall, Mayor Henry Cotton says there’s normally a plan in place to clean the cemeteries in the city.

“We do the work on those in rotation. We do Memorial, Christ Church, and H.V. Adams and then we go back. We do the same amount of work in each one and they’re on a fixed schedule,” said Henry Cotton, Mayor of Bastrop.

However, due to hurricane Laura, the rotation changed as they pulled every city worker to help prepare for the storm and clear out ditches and drains. As they continue to clean up damage more than a week later, Mayor Cotton says they haven’t forgotten about the cemetery.

“We, the city employees, mayor, we all have relatives here and we care. However we have other problems that sometimes take priority over you know everything’s manicured as we all want,” said Cotton.

He continues to say, “We’re planning, ever planning, to enhance our cemeteries and to make them a place where people feel good coming back to and visiting their loved ones.”

In addition to cleaning up the cemetery, Mayor Cotton also has plans to expand H.V. Adams, Christ Church, and the Memorial Park Cemeteries allowing for more room for the community’s loved ones.

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