Con-artists targeting local businesses with money swap scam

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Quick-change artists are targeting  businesses in the Twin Cities.    

“it’s just like magic,” said Monroe businessman Raj Abas. 

He’s managed the family owned Aurum Place for nearly a decade. He says when three men tried to scam him with a money swap it took him by surprise. 

“He folded it and unfolded it. You don’t even see that at the circus,” said Abas.

He said the suspects moved so smoothly he didn’t notice certain things until he checked the surveillance.

“They are trying to distract everybody they are super fast, fast talking, fast acting,” said Abas.

He says surveillance video shows the suspects tapping jewelry cases and scoping the register.
Before of one of the men asks for a $1,000 in 20 dollar bills. 

“I still had that feeling that something was oddly happening so i didn’t give him a thousand change,” said Abas.

Instead he gave change for $500. 

“He counted it folded it with his left and gave me the rest with his right and asked no i don’t want 20s… I want 50s,” said Abas.  

That’s when Abas asked to recount the money and told the suspect to leave when he refused. 

He’s one of the lucky ones. Last week, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office said a grocery store cashier fell for the scam. 

“Before you give them their large bill back count the money to make sure you are getting what they gave you. The only way it’s successful is if it’s done in a hurry,” said spokesman Glenn Springfield.

Abas says he wants other owners to avoid falling victim. 

“These kind of people have no heart. They are cold blooded they will do you wrong over ten dollars,” said Abas. 

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