Complaints of agressive dogs prompts city council to put up signs on walking trail

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2018 August 14

Twice a week, you’ll find Arthur Johnson getting a little exercise, a brisk walk around the entire trail.

“Should be two and a quarter miles,” he said.

As he strolls, he sees just about everything from mothers and babies to cyclists, but an issue with some lately has been dogs, particularly those that have been deemed aggressive.

“I have seen people walking out here with their dogs, but they are maintained,” said Johnson. “They aren’t just letting them run loose without a leash on them.”

Some walkers say they haven’t had quite the same experience. 

They want to know when they are walking; they are safe, so the city council has come up with a solution.

The original conversation at city council was an ordinance to ban pit bulls.

“We really can’t do that, so they finally decided that they would put up some signs that would ask people not to bring aggressive animals onto the track,” said Mayor Frank Hash.

The mayor says an aggressive dog can be seen as one who is overeager, has a disposition or growls.

When runners or walkers come in contact with this, they can call a number that will be posted on the signs that will be sitting at either entrance of the trail.

The final decision about the owner’s penalty will be left up to officials.

“I don’t think everything should have a stipulation, especially when it’s a public walking area,” said Johnson.

Johnson knows it is a precautionary measure and says he’s never had an issue.

He does say he believes safety must come first.

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