Community unites to donate to victims from Monday’s tornado

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FOREST, La. (12/19/19) — Monday’s tornado brought many homes to the ground leaving nothing but broken wood and trees.

“There was nothing left. It was just a pile of rubble strung out across the country side,” said Larry Denmon, Mayor of the Village of Forest.

Holly Harris is from Forest and when her childhood neighbors learned about her house being taken down from the tornado, they rushed to her side for help.

“If there’s a disaster…whether you know the people quite well or not, there’s going to be help. They’ll be money raised, there will be things donated. There will be a lot of things that come out and be supportive of everyone that’s in need,” said Denmon.

Now, the Village of Forest is uniting together to collect household items like blankets, hair appliances, clothes, and food to give to tornado victims who live near the Harris family in Alexandria.

“The people are just coming together. They’re gonna fill this trailer up. We’re gonna take care of them. This is some of our people, we’re gonna take care of them. Sure are,” said Bob Smith, Chief of Police of the Village of Forest.

Even though the people of Forest don’t know anyone personally affected other than the Harris’s, they say they treat everyone like family no matter the circumstance.

“We have a feeling for these people. Not just for her, but for everyone that was in this disaster down there and we want to help,” said Smith.

There is a cargo trailer to place items and donations in outside Helmer’s Country Store in Forest, LA if you would like to donate. The trailer will be driven down to Alexandria, Saturday morning.

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