Community responds to Governor Edwards’ mask mandate for state of Louisiana

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OUACHITA PARISH, La (07/13/20) — “I think that you should wear them so the virus doesn’t keep spreading. I think it should be mandatory and everyone needs to wear it,” said Richard and Hailey, Ouachita Parish Residents.

Most people in the community say mask-wearing is essential to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and while wearing a mask protects themselves, it protects others just as much.

“I’m around people all day. I’m in and out of businesses and local shops or even I have customers that I have to serve all day, so wearing a mask is most definitely important,” said Tyrone Goodin, Owner of FitTime365 Nutrition.

“You should because you don’t know who got it. So then I would put the mask on then, but I’m not worried about nobody that you know,” said Greg Boy, Ouachita Parish Resident.

When asked if they would tell someone to put a mask on if that person wasn’t wearing it, “Well if it was someone I didn’t know, I would just keep back from them a little bit, but if it was someone I did know, I would tell them to put a mask on. I have like eight in my bag. I gave her one. Yes, I think they should be worn, most definitely,” said Richard and Hailey.

While the new mask mandate goes into effect, some say it’s important to remember other guidelines Governor Edwards has made when interacting with people during the pandemic.

“We all want to stay safe and stay healthy and we obviously want to protect our family and friends. So the mask mandate is most definitely needed, but we also need to practice social distancing as well as the mask mandate,” said Goodin.

The mask mandate is in effect now and requires everyone to wear a mask inside restaurants, businesses, and public outside areas. In addition to the mask mandate, Governor Edwards put a limit of 50 people for any indoor gathering.

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