Community rallies to gather funds to curb homelessness in Monroe

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MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is awarding the state of Louisiana 7.6 million dollars for emergency housing vouchers.

Salvation army where corporations officer Jerry Casey says homelessness is a serious problem in Monroe.

Jerry Casey “Homeless-ness is a tremendous problem here in Quachita Parish.”

According to the united states interagency council on homelessness, Louisiana had an estimate of more than 3-thousand citizens that experienced homelessness in 2020. Jerry Casey says those numbers are alarming.

Jerry Casey “There are more homeless out there than you’ll ever know. You just, you don’t realize who’s staying under the bridge, who’s living in the woods. They have little tent cities, little communites inside the woods”

Casey and the salvation army pride themselves on serving those in need and lending a helping hand.

Jerry Casey “We spiritually help them, we physically help them, we dress them, we clothe them, we clean them up. It’s a clean safe place for them to come to.”

The Salvation Army recognizes homeless-ness is a problem in Monroe,and so does other local businesses. Manger of “2 Dudes Brew and Que” Shelly Owen says she notices homelessness more than ever in downtown Monroe

Shelley Owen “Been in this town for 40 years and I’ve knew how bad it was until I started here three years ago in downtown it breaks my heart.”

Shelly works hard at” 2 Dudes Brew and Que”, but says the streets are filled with those less fortunate in the area

Shelly Owen “They’re constantly in the area just walking up and down the road, the Salavtion Army is close by so they do go there”

Those who suffer from homeless are always welcome at the Salvation Army,but Shelly Owen encourages everyone else to help as well.

Shelly Owen “If you see someone in need don’t turn your back on them god has told us to be servants and help people and that’s what we’re here on earth to do. “

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