Community Members ‘Walk Out Violence’

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“It’s hard,” Shonda Cobbs said. “It’s just too hard.”

Just days later, the thought of Sunday morning’s shooting is too difficult for Shonda Cobbs to bear.

Not only was she at the “Black Cat” party, but she says she witnessed the shooting and saw her nephew get killed right in front of her.

“It just happened so fast,” Cobbs said. “All I saw is just my nephew hit the ground.”

“That’s all I wanted to see is my nephew alright, but he wasn’t,” she added. “He was bleeding too bad.”

Now Cobbs is hoping to stop the violence in the community and prevent other ones from losing their loved ones.

She was one of dozens who gathered Tuesday off of Winnsboro Road and Third Street to ‘Walk off Violence’.

“I just want this all to be over,” Cobbs said.” I just want people to stop killing people. There’s just too much going on here in Monroe.”

Stopping violence and bringing the community together were two themes common among participants.

“And you ask the community, ‘Do you want to come together and stop or do you wanna go to the graveyard or do you wanna go to prison?” said Tyrone Dickens, a cousin of the one of the victims.

“C’mon we need to calm down and get our selves together ya’ll,” said Tameka Greer, a best friend of one of the victims. “We need to pull through. Man we need to be with each other not against each other. With each other.”

Friends and family walked the streets not only to promote peace within their community, but to also remember Sunday morning’s victims.

“That was my best friend,” Greer said. “He was everything to me and I know to a lot of people because I see everyone out here.”

“Everytime I close my eyes, I see him,” Shonda Cobbs added.

Organizers say a walk will be held tomorrow night at 5 p.m. and will being at the “King of Wings” restaurant near the “Booker T” area of Monroe.  Everyone is encouraged to come.

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