Community donates new recliners to veterans

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MONROE, La (10/11/19) — New recliners at the Northeast Louisiana Veterans Home mean so much to the residents.

They provide comfort, relaxation, and a feeling of home for those in the Alzheimer’s wing.

“It made me happy in my room and then when I came back in the big room, it made me happier, cause then everybody gets it. I’m not the only one using it. I thank God for it and I thank God for people who love it,” said Calvin Wilson, Resident.

“So when I started observing that there were not enough recliners for our guys that are in wheelchairs, so it came to me and I thought maybe this is the time to have a little fundraiser and get these chairs that these guys so badly need,” said Margaret Horne, Organizer.

Margaret Horne decided to take action. She sent out letters to the community to get money to fund these new chairs.

“It did start coming in. I got enough for three, then I got enough for four, and we got enough for six,” said Horne.

Sitting in wheelchairs all day can cause the residents to feel stiff and pained.

Recliners offer a chance to get the rest they need.

“I like them better than nothing. I like them pretty good you know. Of course it’s like everything else. It’s got its good parts and its bad parts…my point is it’s better to have it than to not have it,” said George Boyd, Resident.

Horne says in five years, her dream would be to see the veterans home look more like a home and less like a facility to house residents.

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