Community declares education emergency in Morehouse Parish

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A community declares a state of emergency to save the schools in Morehouse Parish.

“When it comes back that my friends and former college classmates look at my community in a negative notation it bothers me,” resident Leabory Odom said.

“It hurts me tremendously,”  Director for the Louisiana Association of Educators in Baton Rouge said.

People say the school system has many problems.

“Guns at Bastrop High School, parents and students assaulting the teachers,” Morheouse Association of Educators President, Sharon Rambo, said.

“Our bickering with our entities as far as government vs school system,” Odom said.

Now they believe they have to band together to turn things around.

(Leabory odom, resident)
“Long as we’re not willing to accept suggestions you’ll never have solutions,” Odom said.

“You know any time you have an issue you need to ask them for a solution what are their solutions?” Rambo said. 

 “It hasn’t been addressed [and] it’s been going on for years and this just didn’t happen,” Hodges said.

For some it starts with new leadership.

“We are requesting that Morehouse Parish School Board members retire or terminate Miss Hazel Sellers’ Superintendent contract,” Rambo said. 

For others it’s even deeper.

“Our way and our culture has to be re-established,” Odom said.

However, for students to catch on adults say they have to set the example.
“These young eyes are always watching us so the way we act is going to be a reflection of how they act,” Odom said.

“Whether we want to or not we have to get more politically involved, more parentally involved and more community involved.”

“If we can’t educate our young people we’re doomed to a failed nation, Hodges said.

“We had a good turnout but now they need to get up and work,” Rambo said.

The committee hopes to welcome more parents at the next Morehouse Parish School Board meeting set for February 6, 2018.

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