Residents at Parkview Apartments support action taken by the city against property’s owners

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MONROE, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — People at Parkview Apartments are awaiting the fate of their homes. The City of Monroe is now forcing the property owners to handle ongoing crime issues at the apartment complex.

Residents say it’s about the time the city has stepped in and they’re all hoping for change in that community.

“It’s time for it to stop. It’s been going on for too long,” Jessica Karpen said.

Karpen has been living in the Parkview Apartments for three years now but the issues at the complex have been going on for longer that.

“I don’t fault the city for it,” she said. “I fault Standard Enterprise.”

The city hand delivered a letter to the owner, Mark Terrantine, Thursday afternoon. The notice provided a statistical report of incidents that have occurred at the complex.

The city stated that the evidence shows that “the owners and operators have allowed the maintenance of a nuisance” and have “knowingly permitted prohibited activity to exist on the premises.”

That activity is causing harm and fear in those that live in the area and is proving not to be a place where families can raise their children in a safe environment. Karpen says she’s seen be at the complex there hasn’t been any real investment in the apartments where people call home.

“I have some nieces and newphews that live out there and I have some friends that have nieces that live out there,” Karpen said.

“They have nothing. They don’t have a playground,” she said. “They can’t have basketball goals because have bought basketball goals and put it out there for the kids to play on it and they [property owners] took them away because that’s against Enterprises standards, rules and regulations.”

Karpen will be moving out of the complex at the end of the month but other told NBC10 that they might have to vacate with no place to go. They say shutting the place down isn’t the solution.

“No shutting it down is not going to stop the violence. It’s not going to stop anything,” she said.

Karpen believes it’s going to take more than just legal action to get things turned around.

“Mayor Ellis, the new police chief , Mrs. Dawson, Katrina Jackson, everybody just needs to really come out and show these people that there is love,” she said. “They need to find a way to help these people not knock these people. Everybody is Facebook bashing Parkview. Don’t do that.”

Standard Enterprises Inc. released a statement:

“We received the notice from the City last night and we are prepared to work in cooperation with the City to address their concerns, which we share, and we expect to begin that process in the very future. Our intent is to be a good partner for the City and a good neighbor in the communities in which our housing facilities are located.”

City of Monroe demands owners take action at Parkview Apartments

MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The owners of Parkview Apartments have officially been put on notice about their crime problem.

The City of Monroe emailed us this letter outlining their plans for legal action against Standard Enterprises:

City of Monroe officials, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Monroe Police Department and Congressman Dr. Ralph Abraham, met with the owners and operators of Parkview Apartments on November 5, 2020 to address ongoing issues of violence and threats to public safety at the apartment complex. Mayor Friday Ellis and Congressman Abraham stressed to the owners that violence and criminal activity at the complex must end and demanded action from Parkview’s proprietors.

The City also served a formal letter of notice today on the owners and operators stating that legal
action is imminent if the company does not take immediate action to reduce the occurrence of
“prohibited activities,” most of which are serious crimes and drug offenses, at the complex.
According to the City’s letter, the apartments “have been used for prohibited activities and are in
violation of state law.”

The letter says, “The past and continuing occurrences of prohibited activities at this location renders the premises subject to an action for abatement of a public nuisance.” Under state law, “prohibited activity” is defined as a crime of violence, any crime involving illegal carrying or discharge of a weapon, felony theft or illegal possession of stolen things, and also the illegal manufacture, sale, or distribution of, or possession with intent to manufacture, sell, or distribute, a controlled dangerous substance.

“The situation at Parkview is deplorable and has put a tremendous strain on the residents and law
enforcement for more than 20 years,” said Mayor Friday Ellis. “The safety and security of the
residents of Parkview is our number one priority. We believe it is time for the owners to take
whatever steps necessary to do their part to put a stop to crime in this complex and protect the
health and safety of their residents.”

The City’s letter includes a statistical report of violent and other crimes that have occurred at
Parkview, located at 1101 Richwood Road, during the preceding five-year period. The report
lists hundreds of potential instances of “prohibited activities” that have taken place in Parkview
and mentions several specific examples:

  • Ten (10) homicides through September 2020, which does not include an additional, recent homicide on November 1, 2020.
  • Twenty-two (22) instances of shooting or “shots fired.”
  • Sixteen (16) events classified as “armed robbery.”
  • At least fifteen (15) drug and narcotics investigations/arrests; and
  • One hundred (100) instances of potentially qualifying assaults and batteries.

The City is demanding that the owners and management team act to abate the “public nuisance”
at Parkview and has served notice that any further occurrences of prohibited activities may result
in the City filing a petition for injunction or order of abatement in the Fourth Judicial District
Court. The letter states, “If changes are not made immediately to end prohibited activities in
Parkview Apartments, the City will have no choice but to seek to force that change through the
court system.”

“We have clearly stated we plan to take immediate action to end the violence at Parkview,” said
Monroe Police Chief Vic Zordan. “We believe requiring the apartment owners to take action is a
necessary first step. Our plans to address violent crime there will involve multiple stakeholders if
we are to make a significant difference.”

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