GREENVILLE, Miss. (KTVE/KARD) — The City of Greenville are partnering with the Washington County Work Ready and the Washington County Economic Alliance to offer an Expungement Clinic in Washington County. The clinic will be held on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, from 9 AM to 2 PM.

The event will take place at the Washington County Convention Center, located at 1040 South Raceway Road. Residents are encouraged to bring their identification and resume, along with any additional information.

Returning citizens have long been denied the opportunity to safely return to their families and communities. It is the “re-entry” position of this administration that is about the skills to do the job, not about the ills of one’s past. The City of Greenville strongly supports continuing to build on investments in reentry programs that prioritize employment, housing, training, and other services formerly incarcerated Mississippians need to have a real second chance. These types of long-term investments will yield considerable dividends for Mississippi’s cities and towns in increased public safety, stronger local businesses, and more resilient economies.

Errick D. Simmons, Mayor of the City of Greenville, Miss.