EL DORADO, La (KTVE/KARD) — The city of El Dorado was able to hold a memorial in remembrance of the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

Robert Weatherington, the chaplain for El Dorado Fire Department, spoke on the importance of hosting a memorial. “It’s easy for each memorial to get lost in the shuffle as we accumulate years; last year was a 20th anniversary, so we had some particular focus on it, but this year is a reminder that there is no year that goes by in which it is less significant to us; I think we have the context at this point in our timeline to be able to look back on that and begin to wonder what the implications of that morning are for our today and what is coming tomorrow.” 

Weatherington also spoke on the 9/11 statue they have in El Dorado. “The chaplain who preceded me in this role, went to New York as part of the program to be able to bring a portion of the twin towers that were fell that morning here to El Dorado to stand as a state memorial for those who were killed in those attacks, both locally and of course, those who were part of that assault on the larger scale.”

Never forget September 11, 2001.