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2018 August 17

El Dorado, known for the oil boom back in the 20’s.

A vibrant little town with a booming population.

Fast forward nearly 100 years, and things are looking familiar.

But is that properly recorded?

City officials see it differently.

The traffic count last year was a 20,000 down Northwest Avenue.

“That means there are more people,” said Mike Dumas, El Dorado- Union County Chamber of Commerce president and CEO. “There are more vehicles moving down the street.”

If anyone sees the effects, the Chamber does.

New businesses want to see numbers.

An inaccurate count makes that difficult.

“They’re looking at the demographics,” said Dumas. ” They are looking at the growth. They are looking at the direction the community is going.,”

It goes hand and hand with upgrading the city.

The more people, the more federal money.

“All of the government turn back funds are based on population, and so the money follow the people, and so if you’re declining, and another area of the state is on the increase then they are going to get more money because they have more people, and they have to take that money away from us.”

The issue lies with the community.

The city is fighting that by forming a Census committee.

“The Census Bureau is not trying to find out who lives in your house, what’s your salary or how much income,” said Alderman Willie McGhee.

The committee will inform people in their neighborhoods of what the Census is to get more people to do it.

“We’re hoping that the people that we get on the committee are very well connected in the community that they live in, so the people that they trust and people that they listen to,” said McGhee.

They say in all, this will be good for the growth and the people of El Dorado.

To join the Census committee, contact City Hall at (870) 862-7911.

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