Citizens take first steps to recall Mayor of Bastrop

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BASTROP, LA. (KTVE/KARD) –“Here she is again as mayor and we still have issues and she’s not addressing them. What she is doing is addressing some personal grievances she has with individuals on the police department and within the city government” says Sam Jackson, a Bastrop resident.

Mayor Betty Olive has been the newly Mayor for 3 months now.

“When you step into a government office and you assume the responsibility and caring for your constituents and this is what you’re not doing. Then it’s my public right and my public duty to step up and oppose you”,says Jackson.

Mayor Betty Alford Olive says,” I feel that it’s absolutely unnecessary. If they have a concern, all they have to do is call me. I can not be distracted by someone who has never come and sat down with me to tell me of their concerns. We have a lot of projects in the city that demand my attention and my time.”

“I can’t lose my focus and I have a commitment to all the citizens here in Bastrop. I can’t just stop and focus on the citizens who are making this attempt. Matter fact, I have the same obligation to the citizens who are making this attempt. To serve them as mayor and just have to take the high road and keep moving” says Olive.

Mr. Jackson said he has had enough of Bastrop being run into the ground.

“We don’t have a multi million dollar budget, what’s to figure out? You was mayor for fours years. You know what’s going on. All you had to step up and start running but yet she step in like she did the last time and started confusion. She’s failed as in a position as mayor. Failing the city of Bastrop, I don’t think the city of Bastrop expected much out of her anyway and we got just what we expected” says Jackson.

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