Changing the way animals go to the veterinary hospital during COVID-19

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WEST MONROE, La (04/29/20) — “We’re still doing exactly what we did, we’re just doing it in a different way,” said Dr. Clark Cooper, Cooper Veterinary Hospital.

The waiting room at Cooper Veterinary Hospital is now the parking lot where people wait in their cars for an employee to take the animal. “So we moved three more people to the front desk and they’re runners now, to go get the animal, bring it in and then the vets either have to go to the parking lot, or call the person on the phone and talk with them through the exam,” said Cooper.

Cooper says since the outbreak and people being home with their animals, the amount of calls they get for emergency visits is through the roof.

“When people are home playing, they either notice the ear infections that have always been there. Or they notice the toenails grown longer than they’re supposed to, or they noticed their teeth are having issues. So our emergencies have gone ballistic,” said Cooper.

But having extra staff to attend to those emergencies isn’t the only change they’ve done. “Our staff came up with the idea of a big shield so we built it around the desk of the front lobby,” said Cooper.

The shield is meant to be like a giant mask so when the main lobby can open again, the employees will still be safe. Cooper says his staff is doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the animals and their owners during the stay at home order and beyond.

“And the greatest thing that’s happened is my staff. They have fought through this whole thing. We haven’t missed a day of work,” said Cooper.

Dr. Cooper says one of the biggest things he misses is having that human interaction. He says it’s sad when they can’t comfort people with a hug if they lose an animal or have to put it down.

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