CenturyLink announces that it will make some layoffs before the end of the year.

Annmarie Sartor, spokesperson for the company, says employees received a company-wide memo Wednesday from CenturyLink’s CEO Glenn Post about the layoffs.

The letter stated that the company will be making a 7-8 percent reduction in the workforce in the near future.

Sartor says the layoff-process will begin immediately, and will begin on a voluntary basis.

She goes on to say that all layoffs are expected to be finished by mid-December.

The company is not releasing what departments may be affected, but Sartor says the company is focusing on best business practices and has to reduce some employee costs.

CenturyLink’s headquarters is located in Monroe. The company currently has about 43,000 employees world-wide.

With nearly 43,000 employees, calculations show a 7-8 percent workforce reduction would equate to around 3500 employees.