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Church Celebrates 150 years

WEST MONROE, La. - Today, the Cypress Baptist Church is celebrating because its not an ordinary Sunday, it's their 150th anniversary. Pastor Chad Ballard, had a message in todays service to bring in this big day.

"The theme today is 'we're old enough to see behind us, but young enough to feel our soul'. "

Ballard says his congregation is growing and sometimes, Sunday services mean there's a chance for overflow.

"Our church seats 350 as the seating capacity and we've had to pull our chairs."

But they say it's all a part of their tradition--cypress baptist has always invited the community to worship and build a relationship with god...And other members...

The church has made a difference in the local community for well-over a century. Some church members have been here for a long time and have multiple relatives who have become members themselves.

One person who's been here for some time, Bobby Murphy Sr.

"I've got five generations in there in the auditorium."

He  reflects on what the church was like over 75 years ago...

"It was a framework built out of poles and timber and covered with leaves and limbs...and better outside because we didn't have any air conditioning."

Longevity-- it's  what cypress baptist prides itself on. However, Pastor Ballard wants the mission of his church to remain the same

"One thing we always preach is the love of Jesus."

Bobby Murphy has his mind set on the best way to enjoy Sundays...

"Just assemble ourselves together on the Lord's day, that's the best thing I know to do."

Cypress Baptist Church has been around for a very long time and plans to stick around for many generations to come.

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