NATCHEZ, Ms. (5/10/19) — Addie Mills rented a Natchez home seeking convenience, but what lie behind the walls changed her life drastically. She discovered black mold in her $2,000 a month rental home, that left her with spots on her lungs.

“I have two [spots] one the left and three on the right; I have scarring on my lungs,” said Mills.

She now has to head to a doctor in Florida every three months while also suffering from heart and joint problems.

Mills indicated that not only was there black mold, but also a natural gas leak that Century 21 realtor Charlotte Copeland failed to mention.

When NBC 10/FOX 14  spoke to Copeland in 2017, she said there was no mold.

“They said I was a fraud and a fake and they really did a lot of vicious things in regards to wanting to sell this house,” said Mills. 

The Mississippi Real Estate Commisisson conducted an investigation and concluded that the home in the Beau Pre neighborhood did have mold. They also determined that realtors Copeland, Karla Martin and Joanne Roper were guilty.

Each were given one month of suspension starting March 1, 2019 and an 11 month probation.

“They never ever said I’m sorry Ms.Mills, let us show you there’s a gas leak, let us show you where the mold is at,” Mills stated.

NBC 10/FOX 14 news reached out to each of the realtors. We only spoke to Copeland who said she still had no comment.

The single family home is still currently still on the market listed for $275,000 as is.

Mills though, is taking what she calls a bad situation and turning her pain into purpose.

“I have become an activist. I have been teaching and speaking so that people can understand,” she said.

Sharing a message for anyone that ever encounters black mold, “Don’t sit back and think it’s ok to live in a bad environment. Whether you’re section 8 or you’re elderly, you don’t deserve it.”

Mills is planning to persue a civil suit, suing all parties involved. 

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