Cellphones take to the classrooms

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One teacher says cellphones in school is a controversial topic. He says he allows students to have phones in class.

“I let my kids keep theirs. The reason being is sometimes we do have emergencies; parents do call.”

But he says not necessarily in his classes; but he’s seen the abuse that comes with the privilege.

Phones in classrooms

“If we’re testing, I take the cell phones. I don’t want anybody cheating. I want them to think and use their minds. That’s one thing, cellphones; it hinders our kids from thinking.”

Dstiny Seiber, a senior at Carroll High, agrees that cellphones could be allowed. She says it’s also a double-edge sword.

“I don’t really think you should have cellphones in the class room because it really will be a distraction.”

Another student says her phone helps her stay on task in math.

“I’ll research the problem if I don’t have help, or, if we have a sub(stitute) that day in class.”

Some students say they couldn’t imagine completing their school work now without cell phones. Their reactions to doing work with pen-to-paper and dictionaries…


“I don’t know, I think it’ll be hard.”

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