Caught on camera: Bastrop officer rescues woman from stranded vehicle in high water

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BASTROP, La. (4/16/19) — A Bastrop police officer is being hailed a hero after his swift action saved a young woman stranded in this weekend’s flooding. 

“If we were doing something bad ten cameras would have been on us, so I didn’t know it was being recorded,” said Capt. Carl Givens.  

They say it’s what you do when no one is looking that counts. 
A motto Bastrop Police Captain Carl Givens lives by. 

“Assisting, helping, protecting and serving…that’s what we do,” said Givens. 

Jumping into action saving lives, like this past weekend when he took a call that led him to find a young woman stranded in flood waters on South Washington Street. 

“The water was high and it was continuing to rise and she was a small woman pretty short in statue. You could tell she was afraid,” said Givens. “She had a look of panic so you could tell it was definitely time to get her out of that situation.” 

To Givens surprise someone captured the heroic moment of him carrying the woman on his back to safety on camera and posted it on Facebook, but he says he can’t take all the credit. 

“I want to thank Trevor and Ethan. They were already out there attempting to get her out,” said Givens. 

And with police tensions high in the community Givens says he’s happy to see people unite over this genuine moment and hopes it doesn’t stop. 

“I haven’t seen our city in the state that it is in right now as far as the divide. It’s been rough times and it’s very important we come together,” said Givens. 

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