Catahoula Parish landowner discovers decapitated deer near property

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CATAHOULA PARISH, La. (09/26/19)– Paul Perkins is the landowner of Norris Springs Lodge. On Wednesday, Sept. 25, he called the Catahoula Parish Sheriffs Office after spotting a male deer that had been shot and left to spoil.

“I hate that.,” Lucien Gwin, a taxidermist, said. “It gives hunters a bad name, and people who don’t hunt see that and think people are just trophy hunters, and that’s all they’re after is antlers and that’s not the case.”

When detectives arrived at the property, they located the carcass of a 2 1/2 year old male deer in a ditch alongside highway 913

“Wildlife agents were called out to the scene and inspected the deer and discovered that it had been shot, it had not been hit by a vehicle,” Detective Ben Adams said.

The head of the animal had been cut off and the body was left to ruin.

“As far as the law is concerned they should be fined a lot of money and have their license taken away in my opinion,” Gwin said.

Detectives said the deer was shot for the sole purpose of its antlers.

“There’s numerous families in our area that could have used this meat,” Detective Adams said. We give it to people that need this meat to feed their family.”

Detective Adams said the individuals responsible could be facing multiple charges.

“Citations for probably shooting from a roadway and hunting deer in closed season,” Adams said. “You’re talking about $500-1500 in fines, and possibly $2000 for replacement for the animal.”

Perkins has also offered a $1500 reward for the arrest.

If they want to catch them, they should take a picture of the particular deer, so that everyone will be familiar with the antlers. So that when it is brought in, people will recognize it,” Gwin said.

If you have any information you can contact the Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office at 318-744-5411 and ask to speak with Detective Ben Adams.

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