BATON ROUGE, La. (KTVE/KARD)- Kevin Reeves, who was the head of Louisiana State Police at the time of Ronald Greene death in 2019, ignored a subpoena and did not show up at a hearing where a state police whistleblower was trying to overturn Reeves termination.

Louisiana State Trooper Carl Cavalier was fired earlier this year after he spoke out about the incident, which was covered up at the agency since Greene’s death in May of 2019. A hearing was held at the Louisiana State Police Commission on Thursday where Cavalier appealed his firing.

However Colonel Kevin Reeves did not show up to Thursday’s hearing. This prompted Carl Cavalier’s attorney to request that the former LSP superintendent be held in contempt. The commission said it would consider the motion, though the hearing was continued with plans to resume at a later date.

Trooper Albert Paxton, who is also one of the investigating troopers who looked into Greene’s 2019 death said he was appealing sustained findings against him. Trooper Paxton said he quit his job because he felt he was targeted for telling the truth and he did not participate in the cover-ups of Green’s death.

“For two former high ranking public officials to thumb their nose at subpoenas lawfully issued by the State Police Commission, I think it’s appalling,” Cavalier’s lawyer Jill Craft said.

Cavalier’s and Paxton hearings were pushed back to May. That is also when the commission will hold the contempt hearing on the two former officers who refused to show up.