Candidates for Monroe Mayor sound off against incumbent Jamie Mayo, tackle challenges facing city

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MONROE, La. (02/10/2020) — Five people are vying for the title of Mayor of Monroe, including incumbent Mayor Jamie Mayo. His four competitors though, each believes it’s time for Monroe to see a change.

“It’s gotten pretty disgusting out there, so as we look forward to progress, we cannot move past the human issues or none of it matters,” said candidate for mayor Ronnie Scott.

Mayor Mayo has helmed the city for 19 years and he says through his leadership, he’s been able to boost the local economy, bring jobs to the city, address flooding issues and tackle crime.

However, his four running mates believe the job has been done insufficiently.

“I know it’s too hard to do business in Monroe, I want to make it easier to do business in Monroe,” said candidate for mayor, Friday Ellis.

“Antiquated systems prevail through Monroe Louisiana.”

Ronnie Scott, Candidate for Monroe Mayor

“We have so many rec centers with no programs in them,” said candidate Marie Brown.

“The city has grown uneven. One side is developed and we haven’t yet developed the full potential of the other side of the city,” said another candidate Frederick Lewis.

Brown agrees with Lewis’s sentiment and says the city can use some development in districts 3 through 5. She also thinks the youth need more to do.

Ellis says it’s time new relationships are forged to boost the local economy. Mayo responded to all candidates saying that their ideas aren’t founded and he’s been able to bring a lot to the city.

“There are signs of progress all over the city of Monroe and what you’ll find here with my opponents…They don’t have a plan. We have to work with what we already have in addition to going for new things. Because if you concentrate on all new things, what’re you going to do about some of the projects we already have.”

Mayor Jamie Mayo, Incumbent City of Monroe.

Brown says the mayor’s talk of progress is just words.

“If it wasn’t a problem, you wouldn’t have 4 people running against you with no experience.”

Marie Brown, Candidate for Monroe Mayor

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