Candidate’s donut delivery to polls deemed not so sweet

Local News

(11/6/18) According to our partners at The News-Star, donuts delivered to polling places in Lincoln and Union parishes early Tuesday morning could have landed a candidate in hot water.

The donuts were delivered on behalf of Monique Clement, candidate for Third Judicial District C Judge. 

According to Brandee Patrick with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office, the delivery of the donuts violated the state’s electioneering laws.

The law states “The legislature finds that the state has a compelling interest in securing a person’s right to vote in an environment which is free from intimidation, harassment, confusion, obstruction, and undue influence. The legislature, therefore, enacts this Subsection to provide for a six hundred foot campaign-free zone around polling places to provide to each voter such an environment in which to exercise his right to vote.”

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