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“The entire university should not be judged based on one person’s actions,” says Louisiana Tech student Caroline Pierce.

That’s the thought most students and alumni at Louisiana Tech shared when talking about the sudden resignation of the head women’s basketball coach.

Tyler Summitt, son of famed Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, says he was stepping down out of respect for the university.

A Louisiana Tech alumnus, says, “As a family we all need to stay together. He is still apart of this family even if he resigned. He has been here for two years.”

In a statement Summitt says, “I am profoundly disappointed in myself for engaging in a relationship that negatively affected the people I love, respect and care most about.”

Some believe that relationship was with one of his own players.

Pierce says, “It makes me feel a little uncomfortable knowing that someone we trusted crossed a line that should not have been crossed.”

Other students say they wish the university was getting national attention for something more positive.

Another student, Gayle Newman, says, “There is so much other cool stuff going on a Tech like the academics and everything, which is what I feel like we should be known for instead of a basketball coach and an illicit affair.”

Most people on campus tell us they are standing by the university and the women’s basketball team.

Pierce says,”I don’t think all the players should be penalized for something that happened.”

“I am a fan. I do bleed the red and blue, so I am going to always be a fan,” says an alumnus of the university. 

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