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CALDWELL PARISH — (4/11/19) 77-year-old Leonard Gregory said he’s a pro at handling robocalls and scammers. 

“They try to get you to use your credit card or your debit card. Where they can get it right now, then you’re a sucker if you give it to them,” Gregory said. 

That’s what Caldwell Parish Sheriff Clay Bennett wants to avoid. 
His department took to Facebook to notify residents of a potential phone scam affecting patients at the Citizens Rural Clinic. 

“They had people calling them saying they had past due accounts and that’s not how they operate either. They’ll send you a bill they don’t call people and do that,” said Bennett. 

He said scammers consider seniors easy targets. 

“They feel like they want to take care of their business, so they feel like they can get them,” said Bennett. 

If it feels bad, Bennett said it probably is bad. He also said once the money is gone there may be no way to get it back or track the crime. 

“They know what they doing and they just get these app numbers and it’s hard to trace it back to where that is,” said Bennett. 

Not surprised at all by the new scam — Gregory said he knows just the right punishment. 

“If they try to scam an old person once they get our age I think they should have their head busted, and I would do it if I could catch them,” said Bennett. 

If you receive a call from a scammer call the Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 649-2345 to report it. 

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