Caldwell Parish residents puzzled over 50 cent difference in gas prices

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Caldwell Parish resident Dwight Rogers remembers back in 2006 when gas was only 16 cents higher that prices per gallon in Ouachita Parish.

Almost 15 years later, Rogers says a gallon can be almost 50 cents higher in price. 

A couple of stations in Columbia have prices between $2.59 and $2.69 a gallon. However, if you travel about 30 miles north to Monroe, prices average between $2.35 and $2.39; a roughly 40 cent difference. 

“I think it’s wrong,” said Rogers.

The National Association of Convenience Stores reports that gas prices can vary from town to town due to taxes, fuel blends and profit margins. Rogers believes that with oil plants around the corner, prices shouldn’t be that different.

“A little ways away, less than 20 minutes to get the fuel. It can’t cost that much more to get it here,” he said.

Rogers indicates that prices are so bad that he will put just enough gas in his tank to make it to Monroe, others say they do as well.

“Businesses around here would like you to buy local and we try to support them, but that’s one of the things we think needs to be better,” said Rogers. 

Not everyone though is as fortunate. 

“There’s probably come consumers in Columbia that might not be able to afford that extra 20 to 50 cents, I’m not exactly sure who’s making the extra money,” Rogers said.

He and other residents say, they need some answers about why gas is just so high.

NBC 10/FOX 14 reached out to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture to get answers as to why exactly prices would be higher across different parishes. 

We have not heard back, but we will update this article with any new information. 

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