Branch family speaks on mayor’s legacy days before the he is laid to rest

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(09/06/18) As Paxton Branch II looks up at the last home he saw his father in, he took a moment to think about the things he’ll miss most about his father Paxton J. Branch Sr.

“You can’t get back the talks and [just the chance to] express ourselves to one another, it’s priceless,” he mentions.

Branch II remembers when he got the call that his father had passed, he says at that exact moment, he knew he had to step up.

“I had to be strong, it was in my heart, when I got it [the call] I had to take action. I had to become the strong man of this great family,” he said firmly.

Branch remembers his father as a humble man who had many sleepless nights.

“He fought for this city, he laid his life down for this city, we must continue to move this great city forward.”

Although many people fought his plans for the city, Branch II recalls that his father always kept a smile on his face no matter what.

“He kept working and when you think of Branch, I just want you to just think of him as the world’s best craftsman.”

Branch II believes with the people of Tallulah, the sky is the limit for what the city can be.

“Hold what you got and let’s continue to work. We’ve got to continue to move this city to a brighter future, he’s laid the foundation,” Branch II said in memory of what his father would do.

Mayor Branch will take his final ride through the city of Tallulah Saturday and his family says he would have one last message for the citizens of Tallulah.

“God bless this country, God bless this state, most of all God bless this great city of Tallulah and that is my prayer for you. God bless you, I love you, Amen,” recited Branch II.

Paxton Branch II says he believes that with his political science degree and his experience following his father, he would be more than able to serve as Tallulah’s next mayor. However, right now he says his main focus is to give his father the proper farewell.

Mayor Branch’s funeral arrangements can be found here.

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