Boozman and Westerman visit El Dorado to key in on small businesses

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2018 May 02

For 25 years Bayou Pumps has made their mark in the manufacturing industry.

“We manufacture Tesla Disk Pumps that we ship across the United States across the ocean,” said Denny Lawrence, President of Bayou Pumps.

Over the years, the list of customers just keeps growing and growing.

“Singapore, South Africa, Australia,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence says he has a few years as president of a small business under his belt, and there are complications that come along with the job title, like finding good workers.

“Workforce is something that we deal with on a daily basis. Not only us but other small businesses here in El Dorado.”

U.S.Senator John Boozman and U.S. Representative Bruce Westerman want to address the problem.

Setting two days aside to focus on the challenges small businesses in the Natural State face.

They agree they shouldn’t be forgotten next to big corporations because many times they are the foundation of small communities.

“It’s one component that goes into these big plants, but it provides a lot of jobs here and other small businesses that they rely on as suppliers, so the small business network is a large network and again it is the backbone of our economy,” said Westerman.

“They don’t have the resources that the larger companies have to enter in and be vocal, and that’s why it’s so important to get out and talk to them,” said Boozman.

But no matter the obstacles they face, Lawrence says he has plenty of faith that his business will continue going strong.

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