Bonekrusher Boxing aims to keep kids off the streets and in the gym

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 Kids in the City of Monroe say tragedy is becoming too familiar.
“So much violence is going on,” Every single day somebody’s getting killed people are getting robbed.  

“A lot of young kids getting hurt over stupid stuff cause they’re in the streets and they don’t have a lot of stuff to do,” Lakendria Spivey said.

Sparking from issues like bullying at school.

However, Sammie Crawford believes he’s got just what the doctor ordered.

Bonekrusher Boxing.

“It’s more like a place where you can come and have peace,” Crawford said.

“You can learn life skills and you can also let your anger out and frustration in a positive way,” Robert E. Lee Junior High Student, Ka’Laya Starr said.

Crawford’s ringleaders are spreading the word, letting people know it’s about more than just boxing.

“What’s so unique about this program is we’re eliminating the contact of sparring the fighting part and we’re substituting that for mentorship,” Crawford said.

He wants to be more than a coach to the kids.

“I’m here to open my ear and i’m also here to give them good advice as well,” Crawford said.

“[He wants to know] how are you doing in school, like what’s going on at home,” Starr said.

“Everyone that I have a part of training they become my family,” Crawford said.

He’s helping them fight the every day challenges of life with a new attitude, but he needs support from the community to make his grand opening.

Spivey describes the feeling she gets after training with Crawford.

“I feel like I can conquer the world,” she said.

Bonekrusher Boxing is open to boys and girls from age seven to 21. Crawford plans to be open May 1, 2018. 

For more information on the Bonekrusher Youth Program contact Sammie Crawford at 318-789-6692.

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