Boley students head back to class at new schools

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(4/23/19) “Just a pile of rubble left. The books have burnt. A bunch or paper and ashes are left,” said David Owen. 

Out of the mouth of babes on this unconventional first day of school. Boley Elementary third grader, David Owen, says he’s got a case of the first day blues.

“A little nervous and a tiny bit scared actually,” said David.

Boley Elementary went up in flames nearly two weeks ago, forcing the Boley Bears to find a new home.
Luckily, George Welch and Crosley Elementary schools were there to answer the call.

Owen says he remembers what the fire looked like and how it made him feel.

He said, “We saw an orangish aura. A little sad, I would say.”

Tuesday, he and over 300 of his schoolmates walked off the buses and through the front doors of their new school.

“I am excited about actually having somewhere to go to learn things,” said David.

Boley teachers and students were welcomed by many — including Rachael Chisholm, who says she and her fourth grader know what it’s like to be the new kids on the block.

“We have prayed and I’ve told my daughter to show God’s love and show these teachers and students that they’re welcome,” said Chisholm.

Although excited about the new school set up, seeing Boley ‘rise like a phoenix’ is the ultimate goal.

Chisholm said, “Everybody help Boley rebuild.”

“I’m hoping they will rebuild it over summer, yes,” said David.

Superintendent Doctor Don Coker says the transition has gone very smoothly. 

He says George Welch has the capacity to hold 700 students so there’s more than enough room for everybody.

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