Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Residents talk pros & cons of online shopping

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Electronics, clothing to anything and everything. 
Between Thanksgiving Day & Cyber Monday the National Retail Federation expects 164 million people to shop. 

While Black Friday may be the busiest day — Cyber Monday isn’t far behind. 
According to the NRF, 75 million people will log-on to take advantage of online deals. 

“Everything is at a better deal price. You know like let’s just say you get a play station 4. Its like 400 something dollars. You can get it for like 200 something,” said 21-year-old Keanu Marillo. 

Some say they prefer shopping in person.

“You get to see the product by yourself you know. Have a hands on experience to see if it works for you,” said first-time Black Friday shopper Tithi Disai. 

Others shying away for safety reason. 

“I don’t think its safe to shop online, because you don’t know where your money is actually going or if its legit or anything,” said Taylor Odom. 

Online safety is also a top concern for the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office. 
They want shoppers to keep a few things in mind — like choosing credit over debit when using their cards.
Being aware of unusually low prices and most importantly using a secure site. 

And as the countdown to Cyber Monday continues. Even the youngest of shoppers knows what he’ll be adding in his online cart. 

“A 3-D pen, an iPad pro and a remote control airplane,” said Gavin Horrell. 

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