Big Al Cherry brings Christian Rap music to the ArkLaMiss

Local News

Big Al Cherry was a man with a dream to provide something unheard of to the local community, Christian rap music. 

“I felt like our community was missing something. It was a sound that I hadn’t heard, which was more of an urban sound but had the message of hope, message of love, the message of Christ in it. So I was like yo let me try and see what I can do,” Cherry said. 

He has traveled near and far, performing shows in Africa and sharing the stage with other big name Gospel artists like Marvin Sapp. However, he tells NBC 10 that the journey isn’t always easy. 

“When you’re doing something like Christian hip hop that’s not widely accepted by the church and then as well as it’s not widely accepted outside of the church. It’s one of those things that I tell a lot of young artists that are getting into it, you want to make sure that this is what you want to do,” he said. 

Cherry said he’s seen the highest of high’s and the lowest of low’s. 

“I have gone from being criticized on the radio, even years ago being criticized in some pulpits, I was actually put out of a church.

Big Al says no matter the difficulty, he stands firm knowing that it’s all apart of the circle of life. So he tells anyone with a dream, to shoot for th stars. 

“Believe in it….it’s difficult, when you’re trying to share a message with people that everyone doesn’t want to hear the way that you present it.”

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