BEHIND THE SCENES: Discover animals on the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo’s boat ride

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MONROE, LA (4/24/20) (KTVE/KARD) — The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo is one of the few zoo’s in the country that has a narrated boat ride available to it’s visitors.

Stepping onto the boat at the zoo will take you on an adventure as you can see multiple different animals, some stay in the water while others stay on land. However, about 45 acres of the zoo you can only see by boat.

Here at the zoo you can find over a dozen different types of turtles, but the most popular turtle in Louisiana is called the Red Ear Slider.

“They have a little red patch on the side of their head where their ears would be . So if you learn just that one thing you can identify most of the turtles in Louisiana,” said Joe Clawson, Director of Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo

This next animal may look like a Texas Longhorn, but don’t be fooled. The Anikole- Watusi if from Africa and has the biggest and heaviest horns found on a cow. The inside of their horns are actually made of bone.

“Its full of holes like a sponge and when they get really hot they actually pump blood through their horns to cool off,” said Clawson.

What would you call this animal right here? Some of you might have said a buffalo, however the better word to use is bison.

“If you say buffalo to most people in the world, they think of another animal. They will think of the Cape buffalo from Africa or even more people will think of the Water Buffalo of Asia,” said Clawson .

However, when you use the word bison, almost everyone in the world will know what animal you are talking about. The bison is native to Louisiana and it’s fur is thick and very soft.

“They can tolerate and survive in a temperature span of 150 degrees,” said Clawson.

While we only covered a few animals you can see on the zoo’s boat ride, there are many other animals that are excited to have visitors once the zoo can open again. You can tune back in next Friday as NBC 10 will go behind the scenes at the zoo again to bring educational fun to those kids who are stuck at home.

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