Bawcomville woman says she is being wrongfully evicted, tenants fed up with living conditions

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A Bawcomville woman is seeking help and answers after said her landlord is trying to wrongfully evict her. 

Denita Matheny claims she given an eviction notice after paying her $600 rent on Friday, but the living conditions are terrible for tenants. 

She told NBC10/FOX14 she has been living in this trailer park on and off for three years. 
Now, that boyfriend has moved she says she is being forced off the property.

Matheny recalled a conversation with her landlord,”He came and knocked on the door and said ‘If Vernell is not here then you’ve got to go. Get your stuff and get off my property.’

If forced to leave she says she will be homeless once again. 

“The people that move into this trailer here. James knows there is no paperwork. There is only a verbal contract and he knows that we have no place to go. We have no choice, but to take the stuff that we are taking,” said Matheny.

Other tenants are also concerned. 
Tired of having to ask for receipts. 
And dealing the sewage problems and bed bugs. 

“It makes me mad because a person shouldn’t have to go through that when they are paying what we paying,” said tenant Darrel Earls.

We reached to the landlord who said he is working to fix the problems. 

“I’ve sprayed chemical, chemical and chemical. I have burned 15 mattresses. I have done all i can do except keep trying,” said James Simmons.

He also told us he is not evicting anyone just yet, but does have plans to clean up the trailer park. 

“If you don’t do what you say you gone do then i don’t want your money no more. And i am trying to get rid of the bad and keep the good,” said Simmons. 

We reached to the West Monroe’s Marshals Office to outlining the role of tenants and landlords. 

They say while a verbal agreement is valid it does not always hold up in court and a landlord can evict a tenant with a valid reason. 

The tenant would then have to go to court to fight back.  

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