Bathrooms vandalized at Magnolia park

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It seems that everything has gone down the drain in the men’s bathroom at Stadium Park in Magnolia.

The stalls are draped with toilet paper, and on the floor, pools of water.

The park director says someone snuck in the restroom earlier this week, leaving them to deal with the mess.

Park officials say whoever committed this crime, picked up a rock and hit the side of the urinal.

Now, park-goers are questioning their motive.

Eriq Davis and his nephew, Cam, live right next door, they visit the park at least once a week.

After seeing the bathroom, he was upset.

“It was like very horrible,” said Davis. “It’s like why would anybody do that at a public bathroom at  a park where so many people come to the park to watch baseball games and take their children to the park to play around and have fun.:

The city says this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Around July, new backboards were placed on the goals at Southside Park.

Shortly after, city officials say someone shot two down with a high powered pellet gun.

The mayor says bathrooms at Westside Park have been locked for at least six years due to vandalism.

Residents like Eriq plea with the community to make better choices.

“This is a small town and we don’t have much to work with here, and we don’t have many park and public places we can go to have fun. If stuff like this keeps happening, we won’t have anything at all.”

He says this is something everyone should think about.

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