Bastrop store clerk fights off attempted robber recalls deadly encounter

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BASTROP, La. (01/14/19) – Folks in Bastrop are calling Vickie Linzay a hero, after she fought off an attempted burlar trying to rob a Bastrop convenience store. 

But Linzay doesn’t see it that way.

“It was my life or his life”, said Vickie Linzay the store manager at Cooper Lake Grocery in Bastrop.

Linzay was working her usual shift when a man pulled up to the store. Immediately she knew something was off.

“I thought why is he backing in like that”, said Linzay.

She says he asked for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, but was pacing the entire time.

“He kept walking along the counter well I just reached over and put my hand on leroy”, said Linzay.

 Leroy is the .38 revolver Linzay keeps under the register every shift. She says she’s never had to pull the trigger in the 23 years she’s had the gun but in the blink of an eye that changed.

“He come at me stabbing”, said Linzay

Police confirmed that man was Barak Milton of Church Point, La. Minutes earlier they say Milton robbed a woman with that same knife for two dollars.

Linzay says she and Milton struggled over the gun. Hitting Milton and herself with bullets until the chamber was empty.

“When the gun went click click click I threw the gun down he went into the register trying to get into the register and I ran out the door”, said Linzay.

When police arrived milton was dead. During the struggle Linzay was stabbed multiple times and shot in her hand and legs.

“Blood was just squirting”, said Linzay.

She says her grandkids were the only thing on her mind as she fought for her life. 

“We were scared she was gonna die”, said her granddaughters Kiona Craft and Ajah Boyte.

Linzay knows the pain of loss all to well, she lost her husband and brother just a few months ago.
The pain still very fresh and one she knows Milton’s family is now coping with.

“He’s got family too and my heart aches for them”, said Linzay.

But this grandmother couldn’t let him win.

“All I have is these girls and I couldn’t let it be me”, said Linzay, tears welling in her eyes. 

Linzay still has a long road to recovery. She has to have reconstructive surgery on her hand, and is stuck with a $100,000 in medical bills. If you’d like to donate to help her cover medical expenses click here.

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