Bastrop mom selected for Boston Marathon team

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It’s the world’s oldest annual race.
The Boston Marathon, some run their race to win, others for something much bigger.
Kathryn Waggoner runs for her son Buck and kids like him who  have waged the ultimate battle with help from the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
“They are so wonderful they treated us unbelievably,” she said.
Buck was diagnosed with liver cancer at only seven- years-old.
“He was just a wonderful child, he was just so happy and he was polite and sweet,” Waggoner said.
He carried that attitude into the fight of his life.
“He never cried about he never said why me,” Waggoner said.
After battling for a year and a half the family received heart breaking news.

“His doctor told me, he grabbed my hand and he said Kathryn Buck’s not gonna make it.”
Devastated, she couldn’t bring herself to break the news to Buck.
“I had to get my composure get out there and  tell Buck okay let’s go everything’s good he was just as happy as he could be and that was hard,” she said. 
“That was the hardest.”
She remembers the moments right after losing Buck.
Everything’s so busy at first  but then everybody goes back to their life and your life’s not normal anymore.
For the last 15 years,she’s found a new normal helping support families who have to go through the ultimate test.
Prairie View Academy where Buck’s little brother Will goes to school has raised over $2,000 for Kathryn’s big race and Buck’s memory.
The support pouring in making it easier for Will, who wasn’t even born when his brother died in 2003.
Now Kathryn runs to make Buck proud, live life to the fullest and making sure kids like will have kids like him will have a fighting chance at life after facing off with cancer.
Kathryn will be the only one representing the state of Louisiana on the st. Jude team in Boston. The marathon kicks off April 16, 2018.

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