Bastrop implements stricter rules to curb the spread of Covid-19

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BASTROP, La. (04/28/2020) — Morehouse Parish has seen less than 50 cases of the coronavirus, and the City of Bastrop has implemented stricter rules to ensure that number stays low.

So at nine o’clock every night this city shuts down.

“I think that’s cut down on the amount of crime and the amount of time first responders: your police, your fire department, and everything like that has to respond,” said Bastrop Resident Cole Murphy.

The curfew is just one thing the city is doing to ensure the number of cases of Covid-19 doesn’t rise.

“We have buggie limits and occupant levels on grocery stores and all essential businesses,” said Chief of Fire Prevention Timothy Williams.

Bigger stores have a limit of only 110 shopping carts in the store at a time and 30 for smaller ones. Only two people are allowed per cart.

“Convenience stores we have occupancy levels at five,” said Williams.

“Makes me feel awesome because I feel like Bastrop could be a really really great town, it just gets a bad rap.”

Cole Murphy, Bastrop Resident

When it’s time for the state to open back up, “We want the non-essential businesses to offer curbside. Some local business here, they’ve gone to the measures where they’re doing online business and they’re actually delivering,” the Chief of Fire Prevention stated.

As for the economy, Bastrop Mayor, Henry Cotton believes the city will bounce back completely.

“We expect it may be to be a little bit stronger because people are reluctant now to go to the population centers and do a lot of shopping.”

Mayor Henry Cotton, City of Bastrop

Murphy agrees.

Smaller businesses are hurting, but officials say everyone’s doing their part.

“We want to keep it that way, so we’re asking that the citizens fall in line. Do what they need to do, protect themselves, and help us protect others,” said Fire Chief Thomas Crowder.

When the state is ready for phase one of the re-opening plan Chief Williams says churches are preparing to operate at 25% occupancy.

As for the city, Mayor cotton says it’s is operating with a budget surplus and they haven’t had to make any layoffs.

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