BASTROP, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Faculty at Bastrop High School are pouring into their young male students through their new Gentlemen’s club. This club was founded this year on March 8th by Gilbert Wilson, Dallas Brown, and Warren Anderson.

Trying to teach our young boys that, I know what they see in the streets or whatever, but there is some other options they can choose in life.

Gilbert Wilson, teacher of Bastrop High School and founder of club

Students can learn basic etiquette skills such as how to tie a tie, dress appropriately, and more. Students can also engage in service in their school and the community. The club now has 29 young men who are eager to learn and ready to be a change in their community.

This serves as an image and proof to the outsiders that we can stand together in this divided community and come together to make a change here. You will see us standing together more instead of shooting each other down on different sides of town.

Ja’kyron Avane, student

The Gentlemen’s Club aims to change the narrative of young men at Bastrop High School and young men in the community. The founders say to be on the lookout for these young men as they want to impact the community significantly.