Bastrop city leaders say it’s time to take the city back, starting with prayer

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BASTROP, La. — (4/12/19) As the rain fell and umbrellas went up, Bastrop residents believe that crime has taken too many lives in their city.

“There seems to have been a spirit of death that is hovering over Bastrop,” said event organizer Minister Michelangelo Watkins.

He and other city leaders think that the only way to make a change is to say a prayer and watch it work.

From Thomas Johnson, to Jermaine Heard, Mark Ramey and even Demontrail Lollie; residents indicate that they are lives that were taken almost as fast as they’ve begun. Families and the community have suffered, but one lifelong resident says bastrop is no different than any other city.

“We lost one of our major contributors to the economy about 10 years ago,” said Vanessa Gates.

She’s referring to the paper mill and Gates says with education suffering too, Bastrop seems to be headed down the wrong path, but she believes, it can be saved. 

“We need something to bring jobs into Bastrop and an idle mind brings michevious thoughts,” she said.

Leaders think the issue is bigger than race.

“Race is a divider and it makes people concentrate on the wrong things, because I don’t care if you’re black or you’re white or you’re mexican, if you’re hungry, you’re hungry,” said Watkins

This community is beginning the fight, to take their city back.

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