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Chelsea Frey’s 5-year-old daughter Emalie is heading to kindergarten in the next few weeks. 

One thing on this mother’s mind? Keeping her daughter safe traveling too and from school.

This mother isn’t alone.

Law enforcement and school officials want everyone to be aware, while they’re behind the wheel.

“Last thing we want is a child to get hurt, last thing any driver would want is to hurt a child so we hope to avoid those by educating the public and asking them to follow the law,” Glen Springfield with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

First they want to remind everyone to slow down in school zones.

“There will be appropriate signs out there asking the people to slow down and be as cautious as possible in the school zones,” said Skeeter Boyd, the Transportation Director for Ouachita Parish Schools.

Secondly, they want everyone to keep in mind that it’s illegal to text and drive in school zones. 

“The school zones are always crowded,” Springfield said. “The kids are everywhere, the cars are everywhere, the last thing they need to be is distracting when they’re driving.”

Lastly, they said to make sure to stop when you see a school bus.

“Be prepared to stop if you have to. The drivers always flash lights and slow down and put the flags out, but be prepared to stop and you can’t stop within 30 feet of the bus. The further back the better,” Springfield added.

While there are rules and laws in place, it’s important to actually follow them.

In the meantime, they help reassure parents, like Chelsea, that their children will stay out of harms way.

“It’s still kind of nerve-wracking being it’s the first year we’re going to school, but it does make me feel better,” Frey said. 

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