Baby brings hope to Bastrop family after unexpected loss

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It’s a day Natasha Jones says’ she’ll never forget. 

Jones reveals that she and her boyfriend Jarius Jimmerson were just washing clothes when in seconds, everything changed. 

Jimmerson was shot outside of a Bastrop laundromat and months later he died of complications. Jones says to know him was to know someone special. 

“He was a loving person, he was a caring person, he was very respectful towards others. If you knew him, you would love to be around him because he was just that cool,” she remembered. 

Out of the gloom that this loss brought came something beautiful, a lively baby boy names Jarius Jimmerson Jr.

Jones says junior is full of fun and she can’t get enough of him.

“Girl he’s adorable, I just love him. He’s a cocky one week old baby!” she said excitedly. 

Jones indicated that times get tough, not having her baby’s father around to bask in the joy of their newborn. 

“At times I just be feeling like I want to give up, but I know I could just hear him, giving up not an option you got kids, we got kids.”

However, she believes his death has taught her a valuable lesson in all of this, and she believes there is a simple way to weather all of life’s hardships

“Let all that hurt go and just give it to God, he’ll make a way because God don’t put no more on you than you than you can bear.”

District attorney Steve Tew says the two suspects in Jarius Jimmerson’s death, Fred and Skylar Sutton, will face a grand jury.

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