WEST MONROE, La. (Press Release) – Atmos Energy recently donated $2500.00 to the West Monroe Fire Department toward the purchase of safety equipment.

The purchased equipment, known as “Particulate Blocking Hoods” help reduce the risks of
carcinogenic particulate contamination found in many structural fires while maintaining air
permeability and reduced risk of increased core temperature for the firemen.

“The risk of developing cancer is a growing concern in the fire service because of the carcinogens
firefighters are exposed to while fighting fires,” said West Monroe Fire Chief Todd
Smith. “These particulate blocking hoods block over 99 percent of carcinogenic particulates
found within smoke and will do much to improve the safety of our firefighters.”

“At Atmos Energy, “Safety” is our number one priority,” Ann Hayward, Manager of Public
Affairs stated, “And we are glad to provide this support to purchase safety equipment for the
firemen who serve our community and our customers. This donation is a show of gratitude and to
let them know we appreciate their service”.

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