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 MONROE, La. (5/4/19)–  Taking the ULM field, athletes showcased their speed and abilities while the crowd cheered on at the annual Gumbo Games.

This competition, is held for children and young adults with physical, visual or hearing impairments.

   “These kids are kids who just want to be athletes. We have the divisions according to their ability level, and I say ability level, not disability,” said Cindy Daniels, meet director and Gumbo board member.

Athletes from 5 to 21 had the opportunity to put their skills to the test.

A special guest from the paralympics stopped by to show the athletes, that even with disabilities, anything is possible.

  “I think that most definitely this is one of the greatest events that I do come to. I think, to me, the only disability in the world is a bad attitude,” said paralympian Shaquille Vance.

Participants competed in several events like track races, cup stacking and several field events.

Competitor Ky’ren Johnson says anyone with disabilities should give the Gumbo Games a chance.

   “I encourage kids with disabilities to join cause you’ll have lots of fun,” said Johnson

 Close to the hearts of the athletes and their families, the Gumbo Games also touches those who help pull it off. 

   “I love this program. this is a program that is truly fierce athletics. What it means to me? It means i’m blessed,” said Daniels.

The Gumbo Games are raising money for their traveling team after their state funding was cut. To find out how you can help, visit this link: 

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