The Albin’s say their wedding day is one they remember as magical. Alexis and Tyler Albin got married in Monroe just a week ago. 

The couple was headed back from their honeymoon in New York aboard Southwest Flight 1380. They say everything seemed normal, Alexis was napping and Tyler was sifting through Amazon. That’s when they say everything changed.

“It was mass hysteria, people were screaming, crying [and] wrestling with their oxygen masks trying to get them on,” said T. Albin. 

“I mean we just got married we’re on our honeymoon, we’re so young. It just progressed to where we thought we were going to die,” A. Albin said. 

What they saw, at first was almost unbelievable. Alexis said the debris looked like snow. Tyler said the entire encounter was as if he was watching a movie. 

The newlyweds are still trying to wrap their minds around the terrifying situation that nearly sucked one woman out of the plane causing her death. Both are still very emotional. 

However, the couple now more thankful than ever that they have each other. 

“No matter how young and strong you think you are, life is fragile, we are fragile beings and you really need to appreciate every second you have in the world with the people you love,” he said.