Arkansas Road roundabout opening delayed due to lack of proper signage

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WEST MONROE, La. (8/25/19)– It’s no secret that driving through Arkansas Road can feel a bit like an obstacle course.

Drivers familiar with the West Monroe road are accustomed to all of its bumps, twists and turns as construction has been ongoing the past two years.

The new roundabout on Arkansas Road was scheduled to open Thursday, but it was pushed back. According to our partners at The News-Star, it’s because of delays in installing proper signage.

“Right now, because it’s under construction, it’s probably just slowing people down, you know and everybody’s just real anxious for them to get through,” said local resident Lori Morrow.

Morrow, a West Monroe resident, says this project has been ongoing since she’s moved here.

Morrow says she’s heard people are concerned about the new roundabouts and how to properly use them

“I just hear people talking about that they’re not used to you know, those circle intersections and they’re nervous about that and they’re probably not going to have lights in them. [I] think that there might be accidents,” said Morrow.

The new West Monroe roundabout must have proper signage to help the flow of traffic.

Construction on the project started in September 2017 with the hopes of widening the roads for drivers. Though the opening of the roundabout is delayed, morrow is hopeful it’ll be worth it once complete.

“I guess once people get used to them it will be okay,” said Morrow.

The opening for the round about will happen in a few weeks.

An exact date has not been released.

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